Floor Care

Carpet Care
Flooring maintenance for carpets presents its own set of circumstances. Carpets can easily get stained with spills of food, drink and household chemicals. Both adults and children are responsible for these accidents. One of the best ways to prevent stains occurring in the first place is to either purchase stain-resistant carpet or to fully coat the carpet with stain resistant products that can be bought at the local hardware store. Carpets should be cleaned in a series of steps. They should first be throughly vacuumed. Then any larger pieces of dirt or debris that the vacuum didn't pick up should be lifted off the carpet either by hand or with a broom and dust pan. Moreover, carpets can also be professionally steam cleaned for the most lasting results of maintaining its natural beauty and texture. Stains can often be removed with a simple vinegar and ammonia solution diluted with water. But never use chlorine bleach or laundry and dishwashing detergent as that can make the stains worse.

Hardwood, Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Care
For the very best care of your flooring Marin County area, it's important to contact the professional flooring experts who have the vast experience and expertise to handle your hardwood, vinyl and laminate floor care needs, Mertel Carpets, Inc. When you want the most qualified technicians in flooring Marin County region, Mertel Carpets can come to your home or place of business for a knowledgeable and professional evaluation of your flooring care needs.

One of the best ways to care for these types of floors is to regularly keep them broom swept clean and to fully mop them with a special floor cleaning solution. They can also be shined and waxed to a high gloss for even more improved protection for these floors.

Flooring Equipment and Products to Keep on Hand
Every homeowner and business should stock certain flooring products such as brand name flooring cleaners, ammonia, vinegar, plus equipment such as a quality push broom, a high efficiency vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaning machine, and a floor buffer or waxer, if they want to maintain their floors in the best condition possible at all times.

Flooring care is an important maintenance procedure for homeowners and businesses alike. Proper flooring maintenance requires knowledge, skill and just plain old hard work. But with the right type of care, all kinds of floors can look their best and remain durable and visually appealing.