Do You Offer Padding and Cushion Options?

There are several types of cushion available to support your carpet

REBOND: This is the industry workhorse. Most carpet is installed over rebond padding. Generally rebond comes in a density from 3# to 8#, which signifies how firm the cushion is. Most of our installations are over 8 ½# Rebond cushion. We have tried rebond cushion from several manufacturers and have found CARPENTER CO. cushion to be superior in quality and consistency.

STAINMASTER: brands and cushions, also made by Carpenter, that have a moisture barrier and odor protection built in. This pad is is about 50% more costly than the standard rebond but is beneficial in some instances.

HIGH DENSITY FOAM: Made from urethane foam, this cushion is more homogeneous in look and consistency. Usually gives a firmer feel to your carpet. Slightly better quality than rebond.

WOOL CUSHION: Made with no chemicals. Is denser than the rebonds and slightly inconsistent. Is truly a GREEN cushion.
FIBER: Used mainly for commercial installations. Is denser than residential cushions. Sometimes will be used under berber carpet.