Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floors Are A Good Choice for California Living

Over the years, California residents have found that hardwood floors are a good choice for their homes. Hardwood floors come in different types of woods with many unique stains and finishes. Hardwood floors are a perfect flooring for the warm California climate. They are easy to maintain and long lasting, while looking beautiful with all styles of decor. If looking for hardwood floors for your Marin County home, look no further than Mertel Carpets Inc.

The hardwood floors carried by Mertel Carpets are of the best quality, and are installed by only well trained installation professionals. Some of the well known brands available are Anderson, Mannington, Lauzon and Legend pre-finished hardwoods. Hardwood floors in San Rafael, Marin County, are best furnished and installed by Mertel Carpets. This beautiful hardwood flooring is a good flooring choice because it is easy to clean, durable, rich looking and versatile. When a hardwood floor is installed in a home, it is there to stay for years to come, showing off its durable beauty. Because hardwood flooring is so long lasting, it is important that it be installed properly to look its best. The installers with Mertel Carpets know how to install all types of hardwood floors to the best advantage in your home

Hardwood flooring comes in three basic types. First there is solid wood flooring that is unfinished and installed permanently as interlocking planks, using nails. It is then sanded, stained and finished on site. This type of wood floor can be refinished as it wears over the years. It is used in new homes and major remodel projects. It is the thickest wood floor. The second type of wood flooring is engineered wood flooring. It has a veneer of real wood on a core of plywood or composite material and is designed to lock together. This floor comes pre stained and finished, and is good for use in existing homes. The third type of wood flooring is laminate wood flooring. This product is made to be a floating floor and uses no nails. It is a photographic wood layer protected by a durable finish layer and laminated to a wood composite layer. It is designed to lock together to form a floating floor that is long lasting, but can be removed if necessary.

Hardwood floors are beautiful in most rooms, but can be damaged by water. If a room has the possibility of water leaks of spills, another flooring may be better. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens may do better with water proof flooring, but many kitchens do have success with wood flooring. Hardwood floor in Marin County and hardwood floors San Rafael look beautiful and last for many years when installed by Mertel Carpets, Inc.