How long does flooring installation take?

Flooring Installation - How Long Does It Take?

If you're planning on installing flooring in your home, or you're having it done by a professional, remember to figure in preparation, damaged surface repair and the number of workers when you're determining how much time it will take. On the average, plan to spend at least a full day, stripping old flooring and preparing the floor for new materials, and in some cases another day doing grouting, sealing and edging. The Mertel Carpets team realizes the importance of taking each order on a case by case basis, knowing that the size of the room and customer specifications will determine the length of the job.

Carpeting is the most straightforward flooring material to work with, only because there is very little post work that has to be done. The majority of time will be spent measuring, cutting and laying padding, pounding loose nails and resetting old floor boards. A 12ft x 12ft room should take two days with two workers. Laminate flooring is the perfect option for people who are working alone and don't want to remove old flooring. Because the material needs no sanding or finishing, it's possible to finish the job in one day, providing the room isn't too large. Mertel Carpets professional flooring installation staff provides laminate installation, for those who want it done professionally, and are available to inspect your flooring after settling, for any potential problems.

Installing a hardwood floor is probably one of the most labor intensive jobs around. Unlike laminate flooring, which fits together in a tongue and groove style, each hardwood plank must be fastened together by traditional nails or pneumatic staplers. In an average sized room, around 400 square feet, a professional can complete the job in 10 to 12 hours. Flooring installation Marin County makes sure that your sub-flooring is suitable for hardwood and provides a secure, durable result. We also take care of baseboarding and filling nail holes with putty.

Vinyl Flooring may be the least time intensive material to install in your home, but accurate measuring is essential. Whether you're using tiles or a sheet of vinyl, installing flooring in a 12ft x 15ft room will take about five hours. Preparing your sub-flooring is especially sensitive when installing vinyl because moisture damage like mildew or weakened wood can affect the adhesive. Flooring installation San Rafael installs a level surface floor covering to make sure the adhesive on your vinyl flooring holds strong to give you years of quality use.