Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors may be the perfect addition to your home. Mertel Carpets offers Vinyl Flooring in Marin County and has a wide selection of vinyl floors, including some that look like expensive ceramic. Whether you are considering vinyl for the lower cost, or because you simply prefer it, you are sure to find the perfect selection of vinyl floors in San Rafael at Mertel Carpets.

For Comfort, Convenience and Safety
Vinyl flooring is warm under your feet where other options are cold. Even in the dead of winter, you won’t have to wear slippers all the time, because vinyl is a warmer option. In addition to being warmer than other choices, it can also make the cold floors in basements and on slabs significantly warmer.

There are no grout lines to scrub, making the maintenance easier. Having the vinyl installed professionally will help you ensure that all seams line up perfectly, eliminating any unsightly gaps. The seams can also be sealed to prevent any dirt from entering them.

They don’t get slippery when wet, unlike many other flooring options. Marble, ceramic, and other tile options are notorious for getting slick if they get wet. Even when wet, however, vinyl retains a high level of grip for stability. And if you drop something on the floor, you won’t be left calling someone to come replace an individual tile. Vinyl floors hold up beautifully to abuse, active families and even pets.

Vinyl can go where tile and wood cannot. Basements that may have higher humidity levels are great candidates for vinyl. Concrete slabs that would require a grid system for wood flooring can take vinyl. Finally, floors that are unlevel, or simply have dips and small rises in them can not be set with tile. Luckily, vinyl can be used to make these floors more attractive to customers.

Mertel Carpets in Marin County knows how to properly install the flooring. It begins with filling any little holes in the floor, and sanding out any spots that are too high and too rough. This sanding and filling process can be time consuming by itself. Next, a high quality glue must be laid on the floor. Mertel Carpets in San Rafael is the perfect choice for handling your flooring installation. Our team are highly experienced and more than happy to show and explain anything you may need help with. Finally, the floor can be laid. It must be pushed down and smoothed completely flat. Making errors during this stage can result in items being left under the floor where they will cause a bump, or the vinyl can become damaged. Choose Marin's vinyl floors expertsfor your vinyl installation needs. We're just a phone call away.

Choosing the proper installer is vital to your project. Someone who is inexperienced, or rushes through the process, can damage the floor. Choosing the right flooring contractor in Marin County will ensure that you are left with a floor that has neatly done seams, and that the entire floor is properly secured. You will be able to then enjoy all the benefits of a vinyl floor, without having to navigate your way through the installation process.